Coco Loco Island, Roxas, Palawan

Vacationing at Coco Loco Island in Roxas, Palawan was the most unforgettable beach experience I have ever had to date.

From Puerto Princesa we had to travel 2 hours traversing 140 km via a private van to reach the Municipality of Roxas. From the Roxas wharf, we waited for about an hour for the boat to arrive to bring  us to the Coco Loco island.

The 30 minute boat ride to the island was filled with anticipation to which me and my friends battled with our imaginings: making stories about almost everything we see along the way. From the resting huts on stilts near the fish pens set up by fishermen to the crossing boats that sailed by us.


A few moments after, we see the white coastline of the private island and we got more excited!


We docked along the deep side of the sand bar that extends like an arm from the main island. We were mesmerized by the view around us. No frills. Just the exquisite beauty of nature: white sand, blue sea, green trees, nipa hut-like cottages, the big tree house which is also the reception area and dining place of the resort and the warm wide smiles of the crew of the resort.


This resort is at the top of my list for the following reasons:

  1. Top reason is the Great Crew! They were all friendly and accommodating. We were having our sumptuous seafood lunch and they were already asking us what we wanted for the afternoon snacks and for dinner!
  2. Fresh Seafood! Oh it was really fresh… Crabs, shrimps, fish, shells, oysters, clams. you name it was fresh and tasty!
  3. The sunset scene. Oh it was magical. One side of the island, we hear the soft and rhythmic waves of the sea. And as we walked a few meters farther, we were basked on the orange colored skies and complete silence! Magical!
  4. Time well spent with friends! The island ran on scheduled electrical power supply. So we have all the time to swim, snorkel when you want, make sand castles, write names on the sands, make stories, share stories, laugh with friends, drink beer while watching the sunset, listening to the soft waves and sleeping with the one you love on the hammock while being lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves!


The beauty of the place and the company I spent this vacation with made me stop at my tracks numerous times, made me gaze at the horizon and say a humble prayer: Life is beautiful. Thank You Lord!

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