Sinigang day

Friday, October 12, 2007
Yesterday, I came home early because i my honey requested I cook. One of my honey’
s favorites among my cooking.

Cooking is one of my effective de-stressing activities next to going to shopwise and browsing through each lane.

What prompted me to write about this now? Because I just had my breakfast and honey is already asleep. They had a team breakfast today so I came home early. Today, we are planning to go to their place and I am going to cook… again one of the Favorites: Kare-Kare. However, I still don’t have the ingredients so I would have to do a quick visit at the grocers to get what i need.

Food is what is mostly considered the most common denominator of people.
Me and my barkada love to eat. We love cooking too. We usually have our First Day Off Grilling Days when we were still at the Rooftop. Grilled Tilapia, Liempo, Green Shells, Bell Peppers, Squid and of course our most loved grilled eggplant with bagoong,  sibuyas and kamatis.

Bonding with Mommy J would not be the same if she doesn’t come around our apartment then at F. Fernando and cook. She cooks the greatest crab with vegetables and coconut milk in the whole planet. I remember us all sitting on the floor devouring on her cooking and eating with our bare hands.

The Saturdays at the Rofftop is never the same without our Saturday Mexican Days. Gigi, Kuya and I would whip a quick Taco Party and just have a grand view over Makati. I remembered cooking a TexMex Chili con Carne one time, relly from dried red liver beans and melting as much cheese as i could. It was so good i really felt it in my bones. (Rayuma ata because of too much legumes!) That was a tedious recipe and never came to cook it again. Boiling the beans to approximately 6 hours is tiring. Having to look at it often and stir because it can get stuck in the bottom of the pan. Take note, I was already using the non-stick stock pan for that.

My UP days have been such  memorable one because of the Devil’s Food Cake at Chocolate Kiss. My Ever Favorite. I am not a cake-ice cream person but put me in front of a slice or two… you won’t hear a word of disapproval from me. And don’t forget, Isaws and queck queck over at Kalayaan and Hidalgo are the must haves too.

My officemates and friends favorite among my cooking is my Buffalo Wings. I normally whip the cream cheese for this so it would seem like melting over the hot buffalo wings. Another favorite would be my Tuna Casserole. I am a smart cook. More like a Rachel Ray Type. I cook fast most of the time. However, I would infuse a little bit of Giada de Laurentis or The Barefoot Contessa styles with it. Or probably a little more of Mr. Bam (Emeril), Taylor Florence, Mr. Vege-ta-bol hehehe… Wolfgang Puck.I am such a fan!

Our TV was all set to HGTV or Food Network whenever it is turned on. That is where i would be getting my cooking tips and techniques from. Honey would just point out, hey hon why don’t you cook that for me. And I would gladly oblige. Who wouldn’t? Smile

One of my favorite restaurants would be the Fish and Co. We would order the Seafood platter with the grilled prawns, squid and the grilled Sahi Fish all the time. Ordering much of the ranch and the other condiments to go with it. Because of such addiction, I would whip up the same menu at home and make my very own dip. My version of the ranch is not commercial. I’d dice up some Feta Cheese, chop some pickles. mince some garlic, yogurt and a little bit of Mayo! Heaven! Hehehehe…

Lemme go find some pics for you here:

Gegeh’s version of the Seafood Platter. Mas masarap ito kasi this is Pink Salmon. 🙂


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