The Fountain

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hon and I went home really quite late this morning from visiting the family. When we got home, we did a quick wee morning breakfast and watched “The Fountain”.

The Fountain is a movie released in 2006 that had so many metaphorical scenes depicted by camera shots and flashbacks. The story revolves around a couple whose love is tested by time, by death.

Introspectively, we see death as an ending. We fear death. This makes me ask… why do we fear death. Is it selfishly thinking of not being able to exist? What is the motive for the fear?

Death is something unpredictable. It is inevitable.


While writing this entry, I got to visit one of my friend’s site and read on her entry. It is entitled, Going through Annulment. Reading on, I have seen what has become of her long standing marital problem. And this seems like a parallelism on this movie I am trying to write about.


Death. Ending.


I got teary eyed knowing what she has to go through. I have not been in that situation but vicariously, I can feel her pain. Much more for the pain that she has to bear for her son not knowing what is happening around him.


Sometimes, things don’t happen the way we want and expect things to be. So, who are we after all these? This is what is going to be the most important question.

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