Wednesday, October 17, 2007
    Hun woke up after a few hours of nap finding me still into my neopets game and opened  bag of spaghetti flavored Mr. chips. suddenly blurting out, “I’ve been trying to figure out why the name Coricks!” the name of the newly opened ‘open-air’ resto just around the corner of our street. Then suddenly getting into the realization that it is the jumbled name of the owner Rico as in the Rico J Puno.

then we both laughed… saying the name ‘Coricks’ a couple of times non-stop. I thought it was a gay way of saying correct but to my dismay.

Hun suddenly remembering the resto bar name Ratskys!

then we laugh again saying it multiple times.

this is life…  and yes… we are on our way out to try it just now. =)

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