It’s Thai Day Today

January 26th, 2009 by lavendertwix

It’s our first SOMs experience. Hon and I decided to try out the Thai Resto along Algiers St near rockwell. I read it somewhere a long time ago that it boasts of near authentic Thai cuisine and that got us interested. We have been contemplating on going there for the longest time but we never had the chance until today.

As we walked past the closed bar along kalayaan, we see a line of tables and chairs and well-dressed mid 20s yuppies waiting for their orders and others heartily eating their lunches. We knew we were in the right place.

SOM’s’ large billboard showcases their menu. hon and I decided to take the left most table on top of the concrete platform. Saved ourselves a seat and went to the counter to place our orders.We caught ourselves looking at the huge tarp with pictures of nice looking and sumptous meals despite of the fact that the menu was just infornt of us. Well I personally felt more drawn to look at the big pictures of crabs and shrimps and chicken pandans.

After a short deliberation, we ordered yellow sauce crabs, shrimp fried rice, spring rolls, yellow chicken curry. thai iced tea and coke for me. =)

The service was fast. I did not get to finish one dungeon maker day on my psp when the food arrived. I immeadiately hit pause and started to enjoy the food. After the main course, I could not resist myself from ordering the sticky rice with mango to which i was able to make a conclusion after that thai kitchen’s sticky rice is still the best.

It was great. We did enjoy the al fresco dining experience. We definitely would be bringing friends along in the future. And mind you, the food was inexpensive.

Had it been we went to Sukhothai or Oodys we might have been billed close to

a thousand pesos but here it was half the price. I heard if you would dine in the AC room, you would be charged 10% plus on your total bill.

Thai Al fresco dining is fine with us. We can’t wait to taste the real thing… Soon.

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