Calayo Cove, Nasugbu, Batangas

Ever since we have welcomed our furry little baby we named Snickers, we had been in dire need to find a beach where we can bring her without any qualms. Most of the resorts I have asked in Batangas has a No Pet policy. So one day, we packed and drove to Nasugbu searching for a place to go. We scouted the Nasugbu proper and we visited some pool resorts along the Nasugbu proper coastline.

As we drove around, we were also searching online. I chanced upon a Motor Rider tourist who drove from Cavite to Calayo Cove and spoke about how natural it is and we got curious. Checked the map and drove on. Here is the overview map from Tagaytay.


To see a more detailed travel map, follow the road map below:


From Tagaytay follow the national road to Nasugbu. Driving with the windows down especially if you are driving early morning is a great experience. The air is cool and the whiff of provincial life is stimulating especially if you are from the crazy city.

Drive ahead until you get to the intersection at Tuy, Batangas. Here is the landmark:(

calayo trip Palico.JPG

Turn right and follow the road onward passing by ricefields as well as passing by the Azucarera (“Sugarcane Mill”). Drive on until you get to the Shell gas station to your left as shown in this intersection:

calayo trip PalicoIntersection.JPG

Turn right as you are enter the road to Nasugbu proper. You will pass by the commercial business district with popular fastfood shops and business establishments.

Nasugbu Proper.JPG

Drive ahead the steep drive passing by Canyon Cove, Cawayan Cove as well as Terrazas de Punta Fuego. We passed by a quaint sari-sari store for a quick cold soda drink and asked for directions. It was our first time going to Calayo Cove so we asked directions. The Manong Panaderia Delivery guy was kind enough to tell us that we just need to follow the road ahead and look out for a small road leading left to the beach area.

calayo road.JPG

There are two roads leading to the resorts at Calayo. We took the first left turn and got to a quiet and basic resort, The Calayo Beach Resort. They have nipa huts and lounging chairs facing the sea. It was a beautiful sight.



We enjoyed our little get away. We hope you would enjoy yours too.


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