Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria

It was  some sunny morning and #Mihun and I craved for some brick oven pizza. We knew where we wanted to go. It was a newly opened restaurant in Solenad 3 named Nonna’s.

Nonna’ s is a restaurant managed by the owners of the Italian Restaurant Mama Lou’s. With that lineage, we knew that it would be good.

So we went in and breathed in the ambiance. It was simple and homey. It really felt like an inside of a home kitchen. I liked it. They also have an al fresco table outside. However, as I’ve said it was sunny then so we opted to stay inside with the cool comfort of the AC.

We looked over the menu and we were both delighted. They have a variety of pizza flavours. We opted to order Nonna’s best seller brick–oven pizza, theTutti Formagi (P350) your favorite all cheese pizza, made of mozzarella, Gouda, honey goat cheese, parmesan and blue cheese and we just had to try the baked truffle macaroni.


Mihun is fond of refreshing drinks so we ordered their mint lemonade.  It was very refreshing  which leaves a clean feel on the breathe and palate on every sip. It was very good.


As the friendly and accommodating server brought our food, he suggested we try the pizza with the chilli honey sauce which we gladly tried. It was new and good. It kind of gave a new layer of flavor on top of the cheesy bites from the pizza.


I can’t wait to come back and try the other pizza flavors that they are offering. And mind you, the pizza size is enough to share. The price is not too expensive too. It was justified for the good food you get in return. 02.26.16.

Nonna’s can be found at Solenad 2, Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna

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