Commuting to Mckinley Hill, The Fort or Venice Piazza and Grand Canal

Many times I have been asked for directions going to The Fort and/or to McKinley in Taguig City. So I would like to share various ways to get there from north or south of Taguig.

If you are traveling from South Luzon, one may take the bus or shuttle going to Magallanes Interchange in Makati.  This is the bus drop off bridge where people can transfer either going north or south bound from EDSA. Once in Edsa, you may take the various options available below:

Option 1 Via Ayala MRT Station

For commuters, from North Bound or South Bound, you can ride The MRT, go down at Ayala Station.

From Ayala Station, walk towards the TelusBlg and take the West Bound Bus. The air con bus terminal can be found at the inner ground floor a few steps away from the MRT Station. Take note, you need to buy the bus ticket first before riding the bus. If you plan to come back soon or multiple times, I would suggest for you to purchase the prepaid bus card (“beep card”) for convenience and other perks. It has a 3 yrs validity and may be transferable. Ask the teller where else you may be able to use it.

Inform the driver that you are getting off at the corner of Fifth Avenue and McKinley Road. That’s the first stoplight upon entering The Fort vicinity.
Look for jeepneys bound for FTI Gate 3. This will pass by McKinley Hill and walk towads the Venice Piazza.

Option 2 via Market Market!

Via Jeepney from Market! Market! (from North)

1. Along C5 Road, ride an FX or jeepney going to Kalayaan Avenue.

2. Get off at the intersection of Kalayaan and C5 (“Buting”).

3. Take jeepneys bound for Market! Market!

4. From Market! Market! take the jeepney that is bound for FTI Gate 3, these jeepneys pass by McKinley Hill.

Via Jeepney from Guadalupe (from North or South of Manila)
1. At MRT Guadalupe Station, near Jollibee find the jeepney terminal and take the jeep bound for AFP Housing or FTI Gate Get off McKinley Hill.

Option 3 Via City Link Buses
1. At MRT Magallanes Station, find the San Lorenzo Place Terminal at the southbound side of EDSA.

2. Ride the Citylink Bus to McKinley Hill. There also are Citylink Buses travelling from Eastwood City and Newport City to McKinley Hill and vice versa.



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