Early Bird Breakfast Club

It was great Monday morning when #Mihun and I were walking around the Ayala Mall Solenad 3. Scouting through the nooks and crannies of the mall, we decided to try the Early Bird Breakfast Club.


As we walked inside the restaurant, we took the seats with the best view, best sight and comfort. I really liked the ambiance. It was cozy and picture perfect. The colors inside the restaurant were vibrant and the lighting was perfect.

#Mihun and I seated near the colorful Gumamela painting with the long cushioned bench which felt like a swing. When we were handed the menu, we were impressed as it was a newsprint broadsheet. The format was news-like. It was interesting. It was giving us a vibe of having breakfast and reading the newspaper in the morning.

The restaurant had variety of dishes. From English inspired breakfast to classic Filipino favorites. They also have a variety of pancake combinations.



For starters, we ordered the empanaditas, as we were both craving for some appetizers. It was tasty but the size was smaller than we expected. Had we known earlier, we would have ordered two servings. Good thing, our main orders came in as soon as we were done with it.



#Mihun and I ordered the Early Bird Full English Meal. The Hungarian sausage was flavorful. It was perfect with the dash of hot sauce, the grilled tomatoes and mushroom in one bite. The slice of the perfectly cooked sunny side up egg went well with the crispy bacon paired with the the saucy butter beans.

We also ordered the bacon wrapped sausage with cranberry balsamic salsa. The fresh combination of chopped veggies and the fruity balsamic sauce were good palate cleansers as the bacon and sausage was flavorful.




The meal was hearty and the experience was memorable. I had the perfect company and stories we shared were befitting for a great Mondate with #Mihun!

hoops realy bird.JPG.


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