Dining at Harry’s Mate!

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels in Solenad Ayala Mall in Nuvali is the first franchise in Asia (outside Australia) of Sydney’s popular beef pie and hotdog place. #Mihun and I have passed by this place numerous times ever since it opened but have never really had the chance to try their food.



As I had been experimenting and continuously trying to improve my fried chicken recipe, #Mihun and I decided to try some Aussie fried chicken one day. We had the #woofkids with us that day so we used the bench outside the main restaurant.

We ordered their famous tiger pie for starters. We chose the classic beef pie topped off with mashed potatoes, mushy peas, and Harry’s special gravy. It was very flavorful, The mushy peas tasted like fresh green peas mushed to complement with the creamy mashed potatoes and savory gravy.


As planned, I ordered Harry’s Fried chicken. It was crispy and crunchy and I could taste the variety of herbs and spices they have included in the breading. You could request for additional gravy if what they served you was not enough.

We also ordered some clam chowder as the the air got chilly after a while and hard rain poured down  a few minutes after we arrived at the restaurant. Thankfully, with the permission of the kind manager, We had to transfer inside and stayed at the inner end of the restaurant in consideration to the other guests.

Well the woofkids were both behaved inside the restaurant.  The the Other kids inside the resto were happy to see the woofkids looking so cute too. We had a good meal, so overall, it was a great family dining experience.